delivery time

Orders are usually shipped the same day or the following working day.

--> Orders are shipped on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The mail is collected on those days between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

If your order arrives before the mail is picked up, I will do everything I can to ship your order the same day. If there are still too many orders, or if your order arrives on one of these days after the mail has been collected, your order will be included in the next round. Orders placed on one of the other days will also be included on the next day that the mail is collected. As soon as your package has been sent, you will receive a confirmation.

Usually, if your order is in the mail, it will be delivered the next day. Post is not delivered on Sundays and public holidays. No letterbox post on Monday either. Sometimes the postal service is so busy that it takes longer. Unfortunately I have no influence on that.

If an item you ordered is not in stock, you will receive an email or telephone call about this. I will then discuss with you whether you still want to receive the item (as quickly as possible), or whether you want to cancel the order (of that item). If the item you ordered is no longer in stock and is no longer being produced by the relevant supplier, the order (of that item) will be canceled and the money will be refunded to your bank account, unless you make other arrangements. want place.

If your order is in a hurry, please contact me by phone. I will then do my utmost to ship your order as quickly as possible. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in most cases this will be the same day.

In case of holidays or other circumstances, the delivery time MAY be longer. Of course, in that case you can find that information on the main page and when completing your order, so that you can be aware of this before paying and ordering.