box cube with lid kraft, medium - 5 pieces

€1,75 Regular price €3,50

- 5 containers with lids
- 7.5 x 7.5 x 6 cm
- eco containers made of Kraft cardboard
- 100% compostable
- FSC quality mark
- NB! text FSC quality mark is on one side and the bottom. The container is therefore not blank on all sides

This container is easy to close and is suitable for many small treats. Moreover, it is completely compostable.
For example, you can decorate the container with treat stickers or washi tape .
You can give home-baked cookies for grandma, teacher or the neighbor as a nice gift. But you can also fill it with fun or tasty treats to give after a birthday or children's party. If necessary, fill the box with tissue paper .
Finish it off by adding ( elastic ) cord to tie around it with a beautiful label or mini card to it.