bag / pay bag brown - 10 pieces


- 10 bags
- 16.2 x 11.3 cm
- old-fashioned pay pocket

Bags are for packing convenience! They come in many different sizes and in many different colors and with different images. So there is always a bag that you like, or that suits the occasion you want to use it for.

The bag has a flap that you can fold over and close with a sticker . That is not only quick and easy, but because there is a huge amount stickers are with different ones texts and images , you can always choose one that is appropriate!

You can also use one clip or clamp use to close your bag. It's extra fun if you add another one to that clip card , mini map or label clamps.

This is a paper bag without a bottom. So a flat bag. Ideal for flatter and smaller gifts, but also for... gift cards and cards . You can also use them as an envelope!

If you have a larger gift, or not so flat, use one block bottom bag !