elastic cord, liver - 5 meters


- 5 meters long
- 0.1 cm thick

Elastic cord is ideal for attaching something to your gift. Or, for example, to tie several presents together in a pile. You don't have to pull it as tight as ribbon or baker's twine to keep it firmly in place. That's a big advantage!
Moreover, we have it in many colors.

It's also fun to use multiple colors of cord at the same time. Because it is quite thin, this is fine!
Use it to make a label or mini map to confirm, or combine it with a sticker and make every gift something beautiful!

This cord is also perfect for making bracelets and necklaces. Especially for children! This way they can easily put on and take off their (homemade) necklace or bracelet. Because the cord is very strong, the chance of losing their jewelry is very small.