foldback clamp black XL - 5 pieces


- 5 pieces
- x cm
- metal

A real classic, this squeezer! Of course it is often used for office applications, but it is so much fun when festively wrapping presents!

You attach one quickly and beautifully label , card or mini map included in your gift. But also photos and posters letters you can clamp it, hang it or attach it to something.

Instead of a sticker you can also use a clip to hold your gift bag or block bottom bag to close.

* 5 pieces * cm * metalA true classic! Of course widely used in office applications. But oh so nice for festive wrapping of presents. You can quickly and beautifully attach a label, card or mini card to your gift or gift bag. But you can also clamp, hang or attach photos, posters and notes to something. Instead of a sticker, you can also use a clip to close your gift bag or block bottom bag.