label square white, radius (102) - per piece


- 1 label
- 7 x 7 cm
- with 1 hole
- the back is white and can be written on

The cards and labels from Paper Joys (Fem) are all fantastic! With her way of writing poems, she knows how to touch you in a few sentences and put a smile on the recipient of your card (regardless of what you write on the back). I'm a huge fan of hers and I actually want all her poems in the webshop! This way you can give or send such a beautiful poem for any occasion!

A label gives your gift that little bit extra. There is room for a personal message on the back. Labels are also ideal for putting a name on if you have multiple gifts to give. This way you always know which is for whom. You can use cord , bakers twine , or a nice clip to attach your label.