card square with envelope, sun rays (010) - per piece


- 1 card with envelope
- 12 x 12 cm
- square
- 400gsm
- white back

The cards and labels from Paper Fun (Fem) are all fantastic! With her way of writing poems, she knows how to touch you in a few sentences and put a smile on the recipient of your card (regardless of what you write on the back). I'm a huge fan of hers and I actually want all her poems in the webshop! This way you can give or send such a beautiful poem for any occasion!

You can send your card, give it, or give it to a gift.
Confirm it with elastic cord (you can make a small hole in it for this) or fasten it with a nice clip or clamp .

If you like this card so much, put it in a card holder , or stick it with cool tape on the wall, so you can look at it every day ;-)

If you want to send the card in an envelope , you can also get a matching one sticker use to seal it closed.