mini card set, random mix with text - 1 set of 10 pieces


- 10 different cards
- 8.5 x 5.5 cm
- the sets change content, we always make new ones when they run out
- not everything you see in the photo is guaranteed to be in the package

- FSC quality mark

Always handy to have some cards at home. Sometimes you just need one...

You can give your card loose, put it on the table with a sweet message, put it in your friend's bag, put it in your child's lunch box, put it on your loved one's pillow, or...

But of course mini cards (or gift cards) are also perfect to give to or with you as a gift!
Attach it with an elastic cord (you can make a small hole in it for this) or secure it with a nice clip or clip .

If you like this card so much, put it in a card holder or stick it on with cool washi tape , so you can look at it every day ;-)