set of cards A6, mix - 1 set of 12 pieces

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- 12 different cards
- 14.8 x 10.5 cm - A6, postcard

Always handy to have some cards at home. Sometimes you just need one. With this set you have a little bit of everything at home.

You can send your card, give it or add it to a gift or bouquet of flowers. Confirm it with elastic cord (you can make a small hole in it for this) or fasten it with a nice clip or clamp .

If you like this card so much, put it in a card holder, or stick it with cool tape on the wall, so you can look at it every day ;-)

If you put the card in a envelope want to send, you can also send a matching one sticker use to seal it closed.

Did you know that you gift bags Can also be used very well as an envelope!? Then don't choose one with a print that is too busy, or write the address on a white sticker/white note and stick it on. Because the address must of course be clearly legible.
I always stick one on myself just to be sure adhesive tape or nice washi tape along the edges of the bag, for extra strength.

For postcards it is best to use size M of the flat bags.