vouchers for all your loved ones - 12 in 1 booklet

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- 1 booklet
- 12 vouchers
- made of beautiful, sturdy cardboard
- each voucher is 13.7 x 8.5 cm
- voucher and envelope in one

- the cover of the booklet varies and may therefore be different from this image

You MUST have this at home! No more gift stress. You simply tear the desired voucher from the booklet and fill it in (date, time, any conditions).

Each voucher looks different, but they are all equally beautiful. Made of thick cardboard and printed with gold foil.
Once completed, fold it over and seal it with the supplied stickers. No more envelope needed. Do you still want it wrapped? Then you can put it in a bag or with a nice piece of paper.

This booklet contains 12 vouchers for a job that you complete yourself, there is also room to add a personal message and state the conditions.

This booklet contains these topics:
1x blank receipt
2x taxi ride
2x major job in the house
1x chores around the house
1x moving assistance
2x maintenance of the garden
1x clean house
1x babysitting your...
1x homemade meal