treat container/cup white with lid, 300 ml - 5 pieces L

€2,95 Regular price €4,25

- 5 cardboard cups with lids
- Ø 9 cm x 8 cm high with lid on
- 300 ml
- the lid has a slightly different white color than the container

A treat that is not difficult to make and also looks nice. Who would not want that? With a treat sticker you can easily transform it into a theme container. But of course you can also decorate yourself! Stick ears on it, make a face on it and you have a sweet dog, kitten or bear. But you can also decorate the container with washi tape, your own stickers or marker. Fill it with fruit, snack vegetables, popcorn, chips, candies, or transform it into a unicorn or animal, for example.
These containers do not leak, so you can also safely treat fruit such as strawberries in them. We have these containers in different sizes and colors.